May 05, 2011

I love you Encik Besar. [nobody can replace]

Yes you're my super duper hero.♥

You're my lifesaver. You're my hero.
When I'm lost in my way, you show me your way.
When I'm with you..It's like my life's on freeze.
When I'm with you it's like my whole life's so complete.

Now is the right time to show you how I really feel.  
What's exactly have inside my heart.
My love for you is truly real.  Nothing can deny it.
I love you for you and nothing more and nothing less.
Your hugs and kisses I do adore.  Because you're mine.
We share something between us. neither one of us can hide anything.
Both heave and our  consolidated soul will soon collide.

Love is for me to give to you. But not for me from only you.
I love you. I love you. Trust me I'll always be true.
Not to others but only to you. ♥

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