February 07, 2011

Know me first, then you can judge me

No one knows the real me
I just wish you could all see
I’m funny, cool, random and smart
I love all subjects especially art
I love to shop and play about

Yes, I'm have lots of face. So beware.

I’m very loud and love to SHOUT
People think I’m arrogant and be alone
Get to know me first, before I DIE

I love red and rainbows too, don't forget 
I love firework too :)
I love to love the real you

I care about everyone in sight
I’m very happy and very bright
I’m silly at times and may seem dum
I’m actually smart and can do a sum

I love the pool, hate beach and love snow
Everyone please, just give me a go!

I am shy at first, but believe me
Once you get to know me you will see
I’m a great person to hang around and I love to be…. just me. Me and yes of course me.
Me as a friend, daughter, wife and mummy :)

5 months and I don't have any regret for that.

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